Hi there. I'm Nanci. Welcome to my page.I love massage therapy.When I was a little girl, I was highly sensitive and felt deeply. I was attuned to the unspoken needs of those around me.Both of my parents were born deaf. I learned to quietly jump into my imagination often. While I could speak in sign language, I mostly relied on communicating in those unspoken ways as it was so much more clear and easy for me – speaking heart to heart!Every massage I do is unique and custom to what your specific needs are that moment. I listen. I ask questions. I have respect for you, in the timing, in the process. I believe in consent and the importance of trust. I hope to create a safe space where you feel welcome, and I invite you to have a say in co-creating the massage/healing experience you want.I'm thankful for my work. And thankful for those who share in the MAGIC with me! It's truly amazing!!If you feel that desire here, I invite you to send me a message requesting a reservation and let's make some magic together!-Nanci Heart <3

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My Personal Experience with Massage

I have empathy for people who struggle with chronic pain because I have experienced it myself.My personal struggle began with my upper back when I was as young as 11 years old. It was a dull ache in my upper back/shoulder area that was present all day long, everyday. I saw many different kinds of doctors, but the only thing that provided temporary relief was massage therapy - DEEP pressure, as deep as they could get their elbows in there!!I eventually discovered with the use of cannabis that this pain was connected to feelings of guilt/shame that triggered a physical pain sensation in my back due to my EMOTIONS.Once I started paying attention to what it was trying to communicate to me, I realized it was actually like an alarm that was HELPING me – whenever I was not feeling free to use my voice, to do what I wanted to do instead of what someone else wanted me to do, I'd feel the alarm sensor go off and ache. I began pausing and considering what I, NANCI, truly wanted to do, and would do THAT instead, and the pain would turn “off.”

This was an amazing, life-changing discovery for me that:1. I didn't have to live with this pain forever.2. My body was holding onto emotional trauma from the past (11 is the age I was during my parent's divorce)I only have the pain in my upper back now occasionally, and when I do, I know it means it is time for me to SLOW DOWN and rest. <3Other areas I've experienced chronic pain/fibromyalgia is my low back/pelvic girdle/hips beginning during my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and delivering my first son years ago, and shoulders. I work on pain prevention daily in my own life and love trading ideas with others on what works!I'm highly sensitive and empathic/intuitive in nature (It's my super power!) and am able to tune in clearly to “listen” to what your body is communicating to me of its needs.


  • We will customize your treatment together to be what you need. Our sessions include looking at your WHOLE self- physically, mentally, and spiritually as they are all so interconnected. Together, we create the experience you are needing that specific moment.

  • Prices are all-inclusive, meaning there is no extra charge for add-ons: Cupping, hot stones/cold stones, CBD oil, essential oils, hot towels, scraping, fascial release, etc

  • Most people who find their way to me.. seem to have a chronic pain or bothersome spot, physically or emotionally. They've maybe tried other massages with little success or lasting results, and have a deep knowing there is something MORE to discover there. They have often done "the work" of learning about themselves - working with a therapist/mental health counselor, coach, etc and recognize there is some kind of stuck feeling, a block, present that's holding them back.

  • I listen to your words, your body, what it's holding from past trauma, again, both physical or emotional, that's been trapped, and give it a safe space to be felt, heard, loved, released, and then we explore and find what it is you want to bring into your world into that new space now that it isn't so heavy. <3 what it is that you truly want and desire. And I root for you and celebrate the successes, big and small!

  • Chronic pain, trauma-release/somatic, hips/glutes, TMJ-jaw pain, pre-natal/post-natal

Pricing + Massage Style

  • Currently only offering OUT-CALL massage done in the comfort of your home or office - In and around the LEHI, UTAH area

  • Mandatory at least 120 minutes for initial appointment. 90-120 minutes for future sessions

  • sliding scale utilized to determine cost: Typically $220 for 90 minutes Price may change based on driving distance and appointment day/time

**Tips are not necessary as I've set up pricing accordingly.
If you'd like to leave a tip on top of the cost for your session, you may.

Reviews From Raving Fans

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  • Nanci is Magic: Nanci has the gifted touch of a Healer. So much compassion and love is felt through her heart and fingertips. The pressure and glide along the muscles is absolutely PERFECT. Been dealing with IT band pain and she innately knows right where the spots in need of attention are. I would recommend. -Kat H.

  • Nanci Was SO Good: I had a marvelous massage yesterday with Nancy! She did an excellent job and I am coming back every month! She listened to me, gave me suggestions, and massaged away my stress. Thank you! -Koni S.

  • Don't Wait to Book: Nanci takes such great care of me. You won't regret booking! Selfishly, I almost hate to let anyone know wonderful she is. Truly don't wait. She not only helps to repair my sore muscles, but helps restore me mentally as well. As a dental hygienist she knows what muscles need the most work & uses all different aspects of her training to revive me! On Nanci's table is my favorite place to be! I just cannot say enough good about her & expert level of care. Don't hesitate to book. - Sarah C.

  • Best Massage EVER: Nanci is a very talented and experienced massage therapist. I can't even explain the comfort and treatment I receive when I have had her do my massages. She is always very in tune with my body and I appreciate her attention to detail. She is the best! - Trena O.

  • Nanci Heart: I have been getting massages for over 20 years and Nanci has the rare gift of using her intuition and knowledge of anatomy to find each place that is sore and assist in it's healing with her calm strength, gifted hands and compassion. You will be well cared for with Nanci! - Charla L.

  • Pre-Natal: I love it every single time. The appointment process is easy and quick and I always leave so relaxed and happy. Most recently I had two massages in the past two months with Nanci. She was AMAZING! I let her know what area was bothering me the most and she was able to help relieve a lot of the built up pain/discomfort that I had. She is also extremely sweet! I am currently pregnant and she made sure that I was comfortable the whole time and she even gave me a little gift for my baby at my second appointment which really took my breath away. Definitely recommend her and this location for anytime you want to have a relaxing and great time. Cassandra D.

Hours and Availability

  • I was previously scheduling massage sessions while my kids were in school, and we are now home-schooling which is why I've disabled the "book online" feature.

Reach out to me directly via
text at (385) 258-3641
or email: HealingwithNanciHeart@gmail.com
I typically schedule one to two weeks out at a time.

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